Universal Credit – From A to Z

Level: Standard

This practical two-day course has been developed in response to both feedback we have received from our one-day training courses, and the growing amount of case law and problem areas (delays, digital access issues, variable DWP staff knowledge and consistency etc) with universal credit (UC).

It provides a comprehensive and detailed look at all the changes and implications for the 8.5 million households that will eventually be affected by UC, at a gentler pace than our standard one-day Universal Credit – Full Service course.

It covers: 

Day One

  • Context and background of UC
  • Comparing the old ‘Legacy’ system to UC
  • The introduction timetable
  • Basic rules governing UC
  • UC conditionality
  • Dealing with UC sanctions
  • Full Service characteristics
  • The problems of ‘Natural’ and ‘Managed’ migration
  • Claiming in Full Service areas
  • Deciding your role as adviser
  • UC payments/notifications
  • Third party payments and advance payment rules
  • Changes of circumstances
  • The overpayments rules
  • How the ‘Alternative Payment Arrangement’ system works

Day Two

  • The UC calculation process
  • How maximum universal credit figure is calculated:
    - The UC two child cap
    - Childcare assistance
    - How sick people are assessed and problems
    - The Housing Cost Element
  • How income is calculated:
    - Unearned income rules
    - How wages are assessed
    - DWP ‘income attribution’ powers
    - How self-employment income is calculated
  • How sick workers are assessed under UC rules
  • Overall winners and losers
  • The UC benefit cap rules