Universal credit - transferring from benefits and tax credits

Level: Standard

This half-day course focuses on the transitional issues for claimants who are still receiving legacy benefits and tax credits by the time that all areas come under the universal credit full service.

According to the government’s current timetable, by the end of December 2018, all areas will come under the UC full service. But this does not mean that all claimants will switch to UC. The managed transfer of claimants is set to happen between 2019 and 2022. But what happens in the meantime? This course is intended to equip advisers with the knowledge to give advice on the options claimants may have, and the implications of moving onto UC from benefits and tax credits.

The course covers:

  • Changes that trigger a move to UC
  • Circumstances where people can stay on legacy benefits
  • Better off issues

The course is aimed at people with a working knowledge of the benefit system.