Universal Credit: full service

Level: Standard

The roll out of universal credit (UC) full service is well underway. Many more people claim UC in the full service, including families, those with health conditions and those in work. People need to make and maintain their claims online.

This course draws on experience from areas where UC full service is operating. You will learn who is affected, how best to support them, particularly those who are vulnerable or in difficult circumstances. You will have a chance to refresh your knowledge of UC entitlement and calculations.

The course covers:

  • Who is entitled to UC in the full service – a review of the rules
  • Making and maintaining an online claim
  • An introduction to conditionality and sanctions
  • Claiming UC and other benefits at the same time
  • What triggers a transfer from existing benefits to UC in the full service
  • Calculation issues
  • Effect of UC full service on specific claimant groups