Right to reside and habitual residence

Level: Standard
NOS: LA50, LA57

This one-day standard level course looks at the operation of the right to reside and habitual residence tests in benefits and tax credits. The course covers how these tests are satisfied, and focuses on the residence rights of those who face the greatest difficulties: European nationals and their family members. 

The course covers:

• Which factors are relevant in establishing habitual residence
• The main residence rights of European nationals eg, workers, and self-employed and how to retain these rights when work ceases, and who can acquire a permanent right of residence
• Who has residence rights as a carer or family member 

This course is aimed at those who advise European nationals on benefit entitlement either occasionally or not to the stage of challenging decisions. 

Those more experienced, should book instead on the experienced level course, Residence and presence tests - in detail. 

If you also advise non-European nationals you should also book on the course: Benefits for people subject to immigration control on page http://www.cpag.org.uk/content/benefits-people-subject-immigration-control