Response to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee Call for Evidence on 14/15 Draft Budget

October 2013

The 14/15 Budget comes at a critical time for child poverty in Scotland. One in five (200,000) of Scotland’s children are officially recognised as living in poverty, a level significantly higher than in other European countries. Independent modelling by the Institute for Fiscal studies (IFS) also forecasts massive increases in child poverty with an estimated 65,000 more children living in poverty in Scotland by 2020, primarily as a result of current UK government tax and benefit policy.

While we acknowledge the massive economic challenges facing Scotland, we urge the Scottish Government to see the 14/15 Budget as an opportunity to invest in policies which will have a long-lasting impact on levels of child poverty across Scotland. The Scottish Government must take decisive action to increase access to childcare, reduce household costs and facilitate access to employment opportunities across Scotland.

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