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These free resources, many suitable for use in group or training settings, can support schools to increase their understanding of child poverty, identify the impact of school costs and decide what action to take.
Free Cost of the School Day resources

We are delighted to share some new Cost of the School Day resources, all available free to download using the links below.

Several of these resources are funded by Glasgow City HSCP and have been developed with Glasgow Parent Councils’ Forum and NHSGGC in Glasgow schools. However, the information, tips and suggestions contained within all of the resources are transferable to any school in Scotland. Please feel to use and share them widely. Further national resources will be available over the coming months.

1. Cost of the School Day Flashcards 

Cards depicting different parts of the school day to stimulate discussion on the cost of the school day amongst groups of staff, pupils or parents

2. Supporting Families Affected by Poverty

Leaflet highlighting some of the practical steps that schools can take to support families to access financial support available to them both at school and more widely

3. Cost of the School Day Toolkit for Parent Councils (Glasgow)

This toolkit, developed in partnership with Glasgow Parent Councils’ Forum, is designed to help Parent Councils identify where costs are affecting low income families in their school and learn about the ways in which other Parent Councils have acted to poverty proof their schools. 

4. Cost of the School Day Toolkit for Parent Councils (National)

The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) built on the Glasgow toolkit by carrying out further discussions on school costs with parents in South Lanarkshire, Shetland and the Western Isles to add rural and island perspectives and practice.

5. Guidance for Parent Councils 

Last year, Parent Councils across Glasgow took part in Cost of the School Day workshops run in partnership with Glasgow Parent Councils’ Forum. This guidance gathers together ideas and practical actions which Parent Council members suggested to help mitigate school costs and ensure that all children can participate fully at school

6. What are the costs of your school day?

Group exercise to help explore and estimate likely costs for families in your school. This is one way to develop a baseline measure, the first step in addressing the cost of the school day.

7. Cost of the School Day reflective questions

Questions to prompt reflection and inquiry into costs and their impact.  

We would love to know how you plan to use these resources. Get in touch with comments and to be kept up to date with other national resources coming soon. 


Glasgow partners

The Cost of the School Day approach is based on research in Glasgow schools into financial barriers to participation and children’s views on the best ways to overcome them. Find out about our initial research and the actions taken in response.

The Cost of the School Day research report presents learning and recommendations from children and staff, along with resources to support poverty proofing in other schools and local authorities:

  • From uniform and travel to lunch, trips, clubs and home learning: the key financial barriers affecting children’s participation and experiences at school
  • Existing good practice measures which reduce costs, ensure equal access to opportunities and reduce poverty related stigma, along with ideas about what more can be done
  • Recommendations to local authorities, schools and other stakeholders
  • Resources to support poverty proofing, including reflective questions and sample sessions for children
  • Examples of simple initial changes made by schools participating in Cost of the School Day, including removing the need for expensive badged uniform, improving communications with parents about financial support and starting homework clubs.

Cost of the School Day Report

Executive Summary

Briefing paper from Glasgow Centre for Population Health on the Cost of the School Day project and wider evidence, including research on education and literacy, public health and social policy, and national data, to consider further actions to reduce barriers across the school day.

Other useful resources available
Child poverty, health and wellbeing eLearning module - NHS Health Scotland

NHS Health Scotland has an eLearning module on child poverty, health and wellbeing on its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - the online portal that supports learning and development:  

The learning resource aims to raise awareness of poverty issues for children and young people in Scotland and the impact poverty has on their health and wellbeing. The module is relevant for all working across health, social care, education, public and third sectors who are in contact with children at work.

The module has been designed to cover the following key learning outcomes:

  • Describe what child poverty is and what causes it
  • Outline how child poverty is defined and measured in Scotland
  • Explain how poverty impacts children's health and wellbeing
  • Promote individuals' reflection on their roles in reducing the impact of child poverty on health and wellbeing. 
Local authority level guidance on school costs from Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council's Education Service has developed Guidance for schools in response to Cost of the School Day findings. This guidance is transferable to any setting in Scotland with a wealth of suggestions focused on practical actions to minimise school costs, ensure that children from low income families have equal opportunities to participate in school activitie and reduce the stigma around poverty.

The Educational Institute for Scotland’s resource ‘Face Up to Child Poverty
Short films on school costs and child poverty from EIS, CPAG in Scotland, UNICEF and the Poverty Truth Commission

School Costs is a new short film jointly sponsored by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) and CPAG in Scotland.The film highlights the struggle of families on low incomes to meet school costs. The testimony of the parents involved is drawn directly from qualitative research conducted as part of CPAG’s Early Warning System.

Kost of Kicks is a 2 minute film from the Poverty Truth Commission which features young people from low income families talking about peer pressure, stigma and embarassment surrounding the shoes and clothes they wear to school. 

Seen and Heard is a film made by students at St Kentigern's Academy in West Lothian with the support of UNICEF. It aims to raise awareness of child poverty and the challenges that it creates for young people day to day. 

Find out more about the support and training Cost of the School Day can offer to local authorities and schools interested in poverty proofing their policies and practices. 

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