Our fundraising heroes

Swimming across the channel for CPAG!

We were thrilled to have six amazingly brave girls aged only 13 and 14 from East London swim the channel in July to raise funds for CPAG. They completed their swim successfully, and have already raised over £6,600. Please support them

Given the time they needed to spend training, we are hugely grateful to these inspirational young girls for putting so much effort into supporting our work. No doubt the hard work behind the scenes from their tireless parents have gone a long way to making this remarkable achievement possible .... we thank them all!

photo of Sea Gals

Photo by Teri Pengilley

London Legal Walk raises £156

Team CPAG including staff from A2Dominion who have chosen CPAG as their 2018 charity of the year.

It was an inspiring afternoon to walk alongside 13,000 others supporting legal advice charities in London.

£5 Breadline Challenge raises over £200

A big thank you to Anna who lived on £5 worth of food for five days to raise funds for the most vulnerable. She said "After living in Glasgow for almost a year, in an area that poverty is a massive issue, this cause has become close to my heart. Most of us can’t imagine having to count the pennies every week in order to provide basic meals for our families, however for many families and children this is the case. We live in a privileged world of takeaways and food waste, and I believe it’s time to help those that are far less fortunate!"

Theatre Fundraiser raises £172

20 year old Kieton Saunders-Browne wrote and directed ‘Socks’ a thought provoking dystopian play about "those with and without what makes the world go round – money".   

The play ran for six nights and at the end of each evening Kieton spoke passionately about children growing up in poverty and urged the audience to make a contribution towards our work through the collection at the door. 

Thank you Kieton. We wish you all success for your future acting and directing endeavours.


James, you are a star!

We are so proud of James who used his 6th birthday party to raise £323 to help children less fortunate than him. James, you are an inspiration to all of us at CPAG and we wish you the best birthday ever!

Dad Matthew said “James is very passionate about 2 things... dinosaurs and helping others! At school James has learned about charity and understands that not all are as fortunate as his family. James is very much looking forward to his 6th birthday with 40+ friends where we have hired the local hall for entertainment and dancing. With Christmas and his birthday being close together and with all the amazing gifts and party to look forward to, James has chosen 2018 to make a difference for others. We are very proud of him”.

Dipping in freezing waters raises £1,800 for CPAG!

A warm cheer of thanks to Karen and her fellow 'Dipathon Divas' who braved the cold waters of a loch, sea or river in Inverness-shire every day in December 2017 to raise money for CPAG.


“I chose to support CPAG because I grew up in a deprived area of Glasgow in the 70s. As a result, I am aware of the lasting legacy of poverty in childhood. This isn’t to say that we can’t overcome the negative impact that poverty can have on education, mental and physical health, confidence, self-esteem and employment opportunities, but it is more challenging. I would like to see families in hardship being given more support, so that they have the best chance of meeting these challenges”.

Santa Run and raffle bring Christmas cheer!

A big thank you to Amelia who has already raised over £320 by taking part in the Exeter Santa Run. With help from her gym, Energie Fitness Exeter, Amelia is hoping to raise even more over the Christmas season to help UK’s poorest.

“This is a time of year for children to celebrate, not to feel longing for basic things we take for granted. I really hope that the money I've raised will bring some cheer to those children this Christmas”.

Christmas candles for CPAG

Laura, owner of online candle business - The Smallest Light, is donating £1 to CPAG from each candle sold from her Christmas candle range. These beautiful candles use traditionally festive essential oils and spices to help bring the warmth of Christmas right into your home.

“I believe that every child deserves a fair chance in life, which is why The Smallest Light will be donating to CPAG this Christmas - to raise money for children growing up in poverty in the UK”.

Visit Laura's candle shop

Swimming upstream for CPAG!

We are very grateful to Joy for undertaking the Oxford Classic Mile Swim and raising £230 for CPAG. Training three days a week in the cold river wasn’t easy but Joy was so angered by child poverty that she was determined to support our work.

“For a time I lived in poverty. That time was 1984-85 during the miner’s strike. My family lived off food parcels and my mam cried with the cold. My dad tried to burn the privet to make hot water! It was sh1t and we all felt like a piece of it too. We were lucky, it ended.

The impact lasts a lifetime with terrible effects on physical and mental health. There are no simple answers but we can help give every child a good start”.

Celebrating 1st year of business success by supporting CPAG

A big thank you to Aidan from AS Automotive Ltd who raised £446 for CPAG to mark the first anniversary of successful business operations. After a year of hard work and grit, Aidan wanted to share his success by giving something back to children living in poverty. We were thrilled to be part of the celebrations and wish AS Automotive many profitable years ahead!

AS Automotive
is a small family business based in Lockerbie.

Thank you to our British 10K runners!

Six runners undertook this year’s iconic British 10K in support of CPAG – a big thank you for raising a combined £1326.

From all accounts it was an enjoyable day of running on a very hot London day!



London Legal Walk Raises £772

London Legal Walk 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful walkers for representing CPAG this year. The warm sunny afternoon attracted over 12,000 people who walked in support of free legal advice charities in London and the South East. 

It was also great to meet Judge Rinder and hear that he is a supporter of our work! 

Thank you to all of you who donated towards our team.

Poetry for Poverty at Rodborough School

Rodborough School held an evening of poetry in aid of our work which saw 16 performances ranging from Daffodils by William Wordsworth to a collection of entertaining Scottish street rhymes. 

It was a fantastic evening with performances from students, staff and the ‘Speech Painter’ Geoff Allnutt who performed a number of his tongue twisting fast paced poems and also judged the event. 

Thank you from all of us to Evelyn and the Senior Six team for the enthusiasm and effort put in throughout this academic year to raise an amazing £1,800 for CPAG!

Our 2017 London Marathon runner

We are thrilled that Antony has chosen to run the London Marathon for CPAG. Please help smash Antony’s fundraising target by donating

“I have been running for charity for a while now. For me, it’s about being purposeful in life and sharing my blessings”. 

Alastair runs for CPAG again!

A big thank you to Alastair who has raised an awesome £750 by running the Manchester Half Marathon. It was wonderful to have Alastair running for us again having raised money for us last year while running the Brussels Half Marathon.

Alistair Bealby

“Such a pleasure to run for CPAG. Unfortunately it rained from the moment the starting gun sounded at Old Trafford and continued for the first hour of the course. But being a Manchester lad myself, it wasn't enough to dampen my spirits. There was great support from family and locals, with plenty of bands and choirs offering encouragement, and I managed to get a personal best time which I'm very pleased with!”

Rodborough School is raising funds for CPAG

We are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm shown by Evelyn and the rest of the Senior Six group as they plan a year packed with varied activities in support of our work.

Rodborough School
Left to right from top: Molly, Will, Evelyn, Patrick, Rachel and Dan

“At Rodborough we are trying to raise awareness of child poverty through fundraising for the Child Poverty Action Group. We wanted to do this since often hardships like poverty can feel quite far from home to us but it is important that we do all we can to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. As the Senior Six at Rodborough we decided to do something positive not just for our school, but for other young people. We value equality and giving back is important which is why this year we will be running a series of fundraising events including a 'Poetry for Poverty' recital within our school to go towards the Child Poverty Action Group.”

You are wonderful role models and all of us at CPAG wish you success in your studies and fundraising!

Skydivers raise £470


A big thank you to four brave ladies who set out with a mixture of excitement and trepidation to do a Tandem Skydive at 13,000 feet in support of our work. Due to the weather on the day, only Renja & Claire were able to complete the dive but they had the most amazing experience and said they would like to do it again! So looks like they will be joining Laura and Jacqui who plan to try again next year.

Thank you very much ladies … we love it that you got a plane to match your CPAG t-shirts!

Trafford Housing Trust supports CPAG yet again!

The Filthy Girls from Trafford Housing Trust did CPAG proud by running, jumping, crawling and sliding their way through extreme conditions in the Filthy Girl Mud Run to raise £165 in support of our work. A big thank you to the 13 ladies who took part!

“The lure of the promised 'prosecco tent' and 'pop-up nail bar' definitely helped with our endurance through the mud and obstacles! Lots of emotion – tears and laughter but we all completed the course and have the bruises to prove it.”

£950 raised at the London Legal Walk

London Legal Walk 2016

The CPAG staff team raised an amazing £950 by taking part in the walk which brings together the legal profession and charities that provide life changing legal advice and representation to those in need. The sunshine on the day ensured everyone had great time with jugglers and stilt walkers adding to the carnival atmosphere! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

A sweet £300!

Doubra’s delicious cakes were a huge success raising £300 towards our work – a big thank you from us all. Doubra is thrilled that her cake sale and raffle tickets were such a success – and so are we!

Doubra had a lot of fun fundraising for CPAG and said “I chose CPAG because I knew I wanted to help young children and people in poverty but I wanted to make sure that I would be able to see how people benefited from the money I raised. My motivation was knowing that I will be helping those who are in need and doing something that was for a good cause. While making the presentation I realised a lot facts, people in the UK are oblivious that poverty actually takes place here and it's not just in the third world countries. Many came to the stand and mentioned how they were unaware that poverty actually occurs here”.

Paris Marathon raises £1,120

Stuart Tolmie

Huge thanks to Stuart Tolmie for training right though the cold winter months to run in the Paris Marathon in April this year for CPAG. It was Stuart’s first ever marathon and he smashed his fundraising target to raise an amazing £1,120 which will have a most meaningful impact on the children and families we support.

Stuart explained why he was moved to help CPAG: “I felt real sadness and concern when I found out statistics of child poverty in UK and having a son myself now, feel all children should be given a fair chance in life, which CPAG helps provide. Child poverty statistics in the UK are alarmingly on the rise with 1 in 4 children in the UK affected by poverty. I feel the role that CPAG have is very important to those that need help. In the UK 27% of the child population live in poverty.”

Tough Mudder raises £475

Muddy team

A big thank you to the very muddy team from Trafford Housing Trust for testing their physical strength and mental grit in extreme mud and freezing cold ice in support of our work. The Tough Mudder course is all about teamwork and comraderie as there isn’t a winner but instead everyone helps each other to complete the gruelling course. The amazing £475 raised by the team will be a great help to the children and families we support.

“Earlier this year the team at Trafford Housing Trust all voted to decide the charities we would support this year. Twenty of us decided to take on the Tough Mudder challenge and after navigating 11 miles of every kind of mud imaginable and 24 obstacles, we are proud to have raised £475 for this fantastic cause.”

Running to raise over £5,000 for CPAG

It was during the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games that Julia Henderson, her husband and their good friend, Rosemary McGinness, were inspired to do something to address child poverty in the UK. They began the process of choosing which charity to support and their target was to raise at least £5,000.

“We chose CPAG because we liked their approach of lobbying government to address the often unseen issue of child poverty in the UK.

“We decided to take part in the British London 10K Run because we were aware of how well it was organised and the fantastic atmosphere it created, as over 20,000 runners of all shapes and sizes took to the streets of London. We convinced 17 other friends and family to join us and our team of 20 was complete. Our aim was to bring a group of like-minded individuals together to have some fun, get a bit fitter but above all to raise more awareness of the poverty situation in the UK and to raise some funds for CPAG.

“Currently we have raised £4,740 and with a pub quiz taking place in the autumn and other individual events planned; it’s fair to say we are hopeful of over achieving against our original target of £5,000!”

Thank you Julia and the team! Many thanks too, to all the generous people who have supported the team’s amazing efforts.

Michael Hall School raises over £600, with a twist

Michael Hall School in East Sussex

The Class 8 students at Michael Hall School in East Sussex raised an amazing £605 for CPAG through donations received at their production of Oliver Twist. Not only did the children stage a most successful show, they also explored the background and conditions that lead to deprivation and child poverty. The fourteen year olds were so moved by the relevance the play still has in today’s society that they opted to donate the takings to help less fortunate children in the UK instead of using it towards their school trip.

Thank you – you are all stars!

CPAG’s own Nizam, Mike and Martin raise over £500

Nizam, Mike and Martin

A big thank you to the CPAG team who took part in the London Legal Walk, representing us and successfully completing the 10K walk. The walk began at the Royal Courts of Justice, taking in some of London's most prestigious legal landmarks. It was the largest annual gathering of lawyers and judiciary in the world. 

The team to date have raised over £500. Thank you guys and to all who donated. 

Derek Stainsby raised over £1700 running the London Marathon

Derek Stainsby  Derek Stainsby

A big thank you to our latest fundraising hero Derek Stainsby, who took part in the London Marathon representing us and successfully completing the run. To date over £1,700 has been raised in support of our work.

Derek explained why he chose to raise money for CPAG:

"CPAG are at the forefront in helping the poorest in our society. CPAG’s work is invaluable because cuts in the legal aid budget mean that access to representation can be very difficult for those who need it most. Where I work in Thamesmead, a number of law centres have closed down and local Citizens Advice Bureaus are unable to cope with demand. Welfare reform means that some of Peabody’s poorest and most vulnerable residents are facing great hardship. We may be able to mitigate this but not without the work that CPAG does. That is why I am running for CPAG.”

Thank you Derek for showing such dedication and commitment to our cause. The funds raised will make a real difference to our work and support our campaign to end to child poverty in the UK. 

400 Miles North challenge complete

Hannah Scottish Office

Congratulations to Hannah who undertook a mammoth ‘400 Miles North’ walk through England, Scotland and Wales to raise funds for three charities, including CPAG. The challenge took a little over a month to complete, with Hannah taking in some breath taking sights across the UK. She eventually completed her walk at the CPAG office in Glasgow where staff welcomed her with a cup of tea!

Many thanks for raising over £700 towards our work. 

Triathlon triumphs

Luke Triathlon     Leeann triathlon

Thank you to the brilliant CPAG supporters who took part in the London Triathlon this year, all representing us so well and successfully completing the course. To date over £1,000 has been raised in support of our work.

We were delighted to hear from one of our participants' Mum, who told us that 'The triathlon was great fun to watch and we were all super-proud of Luke: both for doing so brilliantly on the day, and for raising all that money for CPAG at the same time. We're all big supporters of the work you do so it was a win-win day all round!'

Leann and Paul, a married couple from Ireland who travelled to London to take part explained that they "Absolutely loved it! We were on such a high afterwards. Best thing we have done and so glad to have raised money for you along the way."

'ALS All Stars' represent CPAG at the Bupa Great Manchester Run

ALS All Stars

Among the 40,000 runners who took part in the Bupa Great Manchester run last month we were particularly proud of eight entrants from Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd - the self-styled 'ALS All Stars' - who chose to represent Child Poverty Action Group. By all accounts the team more than hit their business challenge result, and in the words of one of the group, " the sun was beaming and the atmosphere was amazing."

The team raised an incredible total of £1709.00. Thank you to everyone who donated, and to the unstoppable ALS All Stars team!

Jodie and Danny raise £305 walking the Basing Trail for CPAG

Basing Trail

This months' fundraising heroes planned their own event, taking part in a sponsored walk along the picturesque Basing Trail in Hampshire. Jodie explained why she chose to raise money for CPAG:

"We had been thinking about creating our own charity event for some time as we wanted to help contribute towards a worthy cause. I was instantly drawn to the Child Poverty Action Group having grown up in poverty myself, and we really enjoy walking so thought we'd see how far we could go with as little breaks as possible to raise money."

Thank you both for showing such dedication and commitment to our cause. The funds raised will make a real difference to our work and support our campaign to end to child poverty in the UK.

Richard Barnett raises £385 battling the Tough Guy Half Marathon

Richard Barnett

Our latest fundraising hero took on an especially tough challenge: the Tough Guy Half Marathon. The course, which includes obstacles, barbed wire and electric fences, is defintely not for the faint hearted!  Richard did brilliantly, finishing in just 3.55 hours. When asked about the event he explained that 'It was a really great experience and I was boosted along by knowing it was going to a worthy cause'.

Thanks for your support Richard!

Oxford University students 'Live Below The Line' and raise £3,869!

Wadham students

Wadham SU students took on the 'Live Below the Line' in support of CPAG, which involved surviving on just £5 for five days. Giving up all their favorite foods and take away coffees proved to be a challenge, but all those taking part successfully managed to stick to their goal and raised a staggering £3,869! Jahnavi, one of the brave participants, reported that he was now 'glad to be eating nice food again'.    

Thank you Wadham SU, you are true Fundraising Heroes!

Lorna Reid took on the London Triathlon, raising £283!

Lorna Reid triathlon Lorna Reid triathlon

Lorna Reid, a Welfare Benefits Caseworker Supervisor at Islington Law Centre, took part in the London Triathlon in July 2013. Although Lorna successfully completed the course, the event was not without incident – she started off with a flat back tyre, and by the time it was repaired had missed the start of the race. Luckily the official allowed Lorna to go in the next wave, alongside the celebrities and Olympians. Seeing the look of disbelief on her face, she said, 'Don’t worry, if anyone asks tell them you used to be in Hollyoaks!' Well done Lorna – you’re not only a champion athlete, but also now a celebrity in the making!

Susanna Goffe raised £592 with a triathlon, bake sale and more

Susanna Goffe Susanna Goffe cake sale

Susanna bravely took part in The Avenger Triathlon in Warwickshire. The race is a considerable step up from marathon running, starting with a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle in the middle and finishing with a 13.1 mile run.

She also took on the ‘Live Below The Line’ challenge, as well as holding a very impressive looking cake sale. Susanna’s final fundraising total reached a brilliant £591.87.

Having survived the experience, Susanna told us:

'Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the triathlon due to exhaustion and a badly signed course! I completed the swim, then got lost on the cycle and had to pull out half way through the run. Overall it was a good experience and a learning curve, but in the end I found that I had bitten off slightly more than I could chew.'

A challenge as tough as this one surely makes her even more deserving of the hero title. Thanks again Susanna!

Nick Hodgkinson raised £725 by cycling 85 miles in the northern Pennines

Nick Hodgkinson Etape Pennines

Nick Hodgkinson Etape Pennines 






Nick raised funds for CPAG by undertaking what is regarded to be the toughest sportive in the UK on closed roads taking riders through some of the most challenging terrain in the north of England.

'I have worked in welfare rights for 25 years and it simply would not have been possible without CPAG. Their Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook makes it possible for us to help thousands of people who are disabled, carers, sick, unemployed, low paid, lone parents, migrant workers and just plain poor. Remember: it could be you!'

 Just Giving - Nick Hodgkinson

Liam Brereton raised £853 by holding a summer entertainment event

'I have chosen to raise money for CPAG because the charity stands for the same things I do. They see that when times are hard, it is the children who suffer the most. And, with the government looking set to make cuts to child benefits, as well as other welfare cuts, this will only worsen a bad enough situation. Children cannot be left to fend for themselves. This is why I feel I must help CPAG in their fight against child poverty.'

Information about the Moment of Madness mini-fest

Madeline Munzer raised £512 by trekking the GR20 180 km hiking trail in Corsica

Madeline trekked the full GR20 long distance hiking trail in Corsica and raised funds for CPAG. The GR20 has been crowned the most difficult trek in Europe. The world famous 180Km trail is much tougher than any trek Madeline has previously done. Madeline's goal is to complete the full GR20 in 15 days (which is 13 long days back-to-back hiking + no rest days). The island is rugged and terrain is rough. There will be plenty of scrambling over exposed sections and on certain days we will use steel chains and ladders for support. It's going to be tough.

'Please dig deep and donate what you can to help the Child Poverty Action Group continue their hard work to end child poverty in the UK. No matter how big or small your donation is, it will be appreciated! With your support, the Child Poverty Action Group can continue researching and campaigning to bring about positive change and end to child poverty in the UK.'

JustGiving - Madeline Munzer

Mamoon Latiff raised £552 by running six 10k runs in six months

'I've decided to take on six 10K running challenges to raise as much money as possible for Child Poverty Action Group ... in these austere times when families who already live below the poverty line require even more of your kindness.'

JustGiving - Mamoon Latiff 

Dominic, a solo artist, is donating 50% of profits from the sale of his single

'I want to increase the awareness of child poverty in the UK. I think a lot of people are not aware of the situation many families are in. I also believe that poverty is completely unnecessary and does not have to happen, so I empathise with CPAG.'

Dominic's label is nerve data  

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