Maximising benefits for rent

Level: Standard

Thousands of tenants each year are evicted by social landlords, usually for rent arrears. Arrears are a growing problem as more people move from housing benefit to universal credit. This practical course is aimed at housing workers and advisers who need to understand how to manage universal credit to minimise arrears and reduce the threat of eviction and how to maximise the take-up of housing benefit for the many tenants still eligible.

 The course covers:

 • Claims process, information and evidence for UC housing costs element and HB

• Issues about absences, two homes, under-occupancy and non-dependants in both schemes

• Effect of sanctions on the UC housing costs element

• Overpayments of HB and UC and recovery from landlords and tenants

• Appealing HB and UC decisions

• Recent and planned changes

 This course highlights where entitlement may be missed or disputed and is aimed at those with a working knowledge of HB and UC. To gain a working knowledge of UC, you should first book on Universal credit.