Income maximisation for families

Level: Basic

This half-day course looks at changes to benefits for people starting a family and families with young children, both in and out of work.

Maximising income in the early years is vital for children’s health, education and development. This course aims to give frontline workers a basic awareness to help you to identify problems and refer on where appropriate.

The course covers:

  • Financial help available from pregnancy to starting school, including healthy start vouchers, maternity grants, child benefit and tax credits
  • Help with childcare costs
  • A look at how support for children will change under universal credit
  • Other support available, including plans for the new Best Start Grant

The course is aimed at those with no or limited knowledge of benefits.

"Most useful course ever attended."
"Great course massive help for my role ... working with families."
Book at the special price of £45 per person or as an in-house course for £250 for up to 20 people for organisations in Scotland.