Election 2015

Immigration. Jobs. The NHS.
What about child poverty?

Despite a legally binding commitment to end child poverty by 2020, four million children – that’s nine in every classroom – are still waiting for politicians to get real on poverty. Will the parties offer them a serious plan to end hardship?

9 children in every classroom of 30 are in poverty

We’ve set out six achievable steps the next government can take to make a big difference to children in hardship.

Will you help by asking your candidates to sign up to support these steps?

  • What will they do to make ending child poverty a national priority?
  • Will they develop, fund and implement a long-term plan to end child poverty?
  • How will they help parents bring home a decent income?
  • How will they stop families being forced to use foodbanks due to poorly administered benefits?
  • Will they protect families from rising living costs by restoring the value of children’s benefits?
  • What will they do to tackle soaring childcare costs pricing parents out of work?