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  • Two child limit challenge

    Last updated: November 28, 2017
    test case

    On 18 August 2017 CPAG issued a claim for judicial review in the High Court against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (SSWP) to challenge the two child limit, introduced by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. Permission was granted on 17 October 2017 so the case will now go forward to a full hearing on 6 and 7 February 2018.

    The case is brought on behalf of two lone mothers who each already have more than one child and had an 'additional' child born after 6 April 2017.

    Grounds of challenge are:

  • Early Warning System


    The Early Warning System (EWS) was set up by CPAG in Scotland to collect and analyse case evidence about how welfare changes are affecting the wellbeing of children, their families and the communities and services that support them.

    To date over 3,000 case studies have been gathered from frontline workers, including welfare rights advisors, housing officers and support workers.

  • Factsheet - Personal independence payment


    This factsheet explains the benefit that replaced disability living allowance (DLA) for new working age claimants from 2013. Existing working age DLA claimants are currently being transferred to personal independence payment.

    The information in this factsheet is relevant UK-wide.

    A separate factsheet reproduces the personal independence payment assessment criteria. You can find it here.

  • Welfare reform: the impact on families in Scotland


    This factsheet is a summary of the cuts announced so far, and their impact on families in Scotland.

  • Factsheets


    We have produced factsheets on a wide range of topics, concentrating particularly on problem areas. You can view and print all our factsheets below. We have printed copies of several of our factsheet titles, to request printed copies please email acarr@cpagscotland.org.uk with your contact details and which titles you would like.

  • Scotland Welfare Rights Conference



    Annual Conference: Welfare Rights 2017

    We held our annual Welfare Rights Conference on Friday 19 May 2017 in Glasgow. You can catch up on the key themes discussed, in this blog post by Policy and Parliamentary Officer, Jenny Duncan.

    Keynote speakers

  • Welfare reform and carers


    This factsheet describes how welfare reform changes might affect you if you care for a disabled person in Scotland.

  • Universal credit and students

    Level: Standard

    training course

    With the introduction of universal credit, the benefit rules for students as we know them are swept away and new rules set up in their place. This full-day course explains which students will be able to claim universal credit and how student funding will affect the amount they get.

    The course covers:

    • An overview of universal credit
    • Who is a full-time student for universal credit
    • Which students can claim
    • The interaction with Scottish student funding
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  • Welfare rights resources


    CPAG in Scotland has a wide range of information and resources on benefits and tax credits. See our ebulletins and Scottish Handbooks below, or visit our factsheets page.

    Are you an adviser looking for our advice line number? See our Help for Advisers page.

  • DHPs – principle and practice

    Issue 250 (February 2016)

    Gwyneth King considers the role of discretionary housing payments (DHPs) in mitigating some of the effects of cuts contained in welfare reform measures.