• Refusal to accept late mandatory reconsideration requests

    Last updated: September 25, 2017
    test case

    Update - 25 September 2017 - on 4 August 2017 a three-judge panel of the Upper Tribunal decided that, where a claimant makes a mandatory reconsideration request at any time within 13 months of the original decision, s/he will, if dissatisfied, subsequently be entitled to appeal to a First-tier Tribunal.

  • Appeals to the Upper Tribunal

    training course

    This course is essential for any experienced adviser who wants to challenge decisions of the First-tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber) effectively. The main aim of the course is to equip you to understanding of what is an error of law and give you practice in finding errors of law in the First-tier Tribunal statement of reasons.

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  • Representing at the First-tier Tribunal

    Level: Standard

    training course

    This popular two-day course gives a basic grounding in representing clients at the First-tier Tribunal. Through mock tribunals, participants gain experience in a safe environment where there is nothing to lose.

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  • Transforming tribunals – what CPAG says

    Issue 255 (December 2016)

    The Ministry of Justice wants to make radical changes to the tribunals system. This will include making social security appeals ‘entirely online’ and ending multi-member tribunal panels. A consultation has been held prior to the commencement of a pilot testing the proposals in social security appeals.1 Here are extracts from CPAG’s response to the consultation. We will report on developments in future Bulletins.

  • Ministry of Justice consultation on transforming courts and tribunals

    November 2016

    CPAG has responded to a Ministry of Justice consultation on changes to social security appeal tribunals.

  • Tribunals, telephones and videos

    Issue 252 (June 2016)

    When should a First-tier Tribunal consider allowing appellants to take part in the hearing of their appeals via a telephone or video link? Simon Osborne reviews the relevant law, and some yet wider considerations.

  • In the bag? Tribunals and less favourable decisions

    Issue 247 (August 2015)

    Simon Osborne reviews some recent guidance offered in the caselaw about the ability of tribunals to make decisions more adverse to the appellant than the one under appeal.

  • Appeals toolkit: introduction


    Welcome to CPAG in Scotland’s Appeals toolkit.

    This appeals toolkit gathers together useful resources to help you through the appeals process for benefits, tax credits and universal credit. Here you can find links to official forms, sample letters, the legislation, caselaw and relevant articles and factsheets.

  • Benefits and tax credits law update

    training course

    Social security law and tax credit law can change from day to day and advisers need to keep abreast of developments to advise their clients correctly. Arranged under topic headings and concentrating on caselaw, this essential one-day course looks at the most important changes in benefit and tax credits law from the previous six months.

    The course covers:

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  • Tax credits: making an appeal

    Issue 223 (August 2011)

    A recent decision of the Upper Tribunal may make it easier for tax credit claimants to actually get an appeal heard by a First-tier Tribunal. Edward Graham explains.