housing benefit

  • Revised Benefit Cap

    Last updated: September 22, 2017
    test case

     R (DS and Others) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    On 9 March 2017 CPAG issued a claim for judicial review in the High Court against the Secretary of State for Work and Pension (SSWP) to challenge the legality of the benefit cap which was lowered further in November 2016. CPAG is acting on behalf of two single mothers who are affected by the cap due to their caring responsibilities. One of the claimants has children with significant health needs while the other has previously fled domestic violence.

  • Housing benefit and rent arrears

    training course

    Nearly two thousand households in the social rented sector were evicted for rent arrears in Scotland last year. Yet large amounts of housing benefit went unclaimed with 1.4 million households in the UK not getting the help they should.

    This practical course is aimed at housing and support workers who need to maximise housing benefit and minimise rent arrears. It will help you spot potential problems and signpost on for further advice. You will also learn how universal credit helps with rent and prepare for dealing with those changes.

    The course covers:

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  • The HB family premium: new claims, new problems

    Issue 254 (October 2016)

    Barbara Donegan describes some fine but important details regarding continuing entitlement to the family premium in housing benefit (HB).

  • HB and PC: new temporary absence rules

    Issue 253 (August 2016)

    New rules about temporary absence from Great Britain were introduced from 28 July 2016 for housing benefit (HB) and pension credit (PC). Simon Osborne describes the main points.

  • DHPs – principle and practice

    Issue 250 (February 2016)

    Gwyneth King considers the role of discretionary housing payments (DHPs) in mitigating some of the effects of cuts contained in welfare reform measures.

  • Housing benefit problem areas

    Level: Standard

    training course

    Housing benefit is there to help with rent and avoid eviction, including for the growing number of people in low-paid work. Yet over four billion pounds of housing benefit goes unclaimed by over one million households. With the roll out of universal credit not due to complete until 2022, housing benefit remains as important as ever.

    This one-day course looks in detail at a number of common areas of dispute that housing benefit claimants may face and how they can be resolved to ensure maximum entitlement is received.

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  • ‘Passporting’ to maximum housing benefit

    Issue 246 (June 2015)

    Simon Osborne reviews the rules under which housing benefit (HB) claimants can be ‘passported’ to maximum HB.

  • Overpayments and official error

    Issue 242 (October 2014)

    Simon Osborne reviews rules on the relationship between benefit overpayment recovery and official error, with reference to some recent decisions from the Upper Tribunal.

  • Bedroom tax

    Level: Standard

    training course
    The controversial ‘bedroom tax’ has seen thousands of the  lowest-income households lose some housing benefit and has been responsible for an alarming rise in rent arrears. This course looks at the benefit issues that the measure throws up one year on with particular reference to an update on the varied legal challenges that have emerged.

    It includes:

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  • Guide to welfare reforms for local authority staff and their partners


    A (long) plain language guide to welfare reforms for local authority staff and their partners

    A wide reaching programme of welfare reform is underway that will have a significant impact on child poverty levels across local authorities. The scope of the welfare reform programme is broad, and a number of reforms will affect a variety of family types, and for many households, these effects will be cumulative.