The battle to save local welfare provision

Local welfare provision is a lifeline to vulnerable people up and down the country. The government is threatening to cut this lifeline. Read our blog explaining the situation.

We all know how difficult it can be to manage an unexpected expense, like replacing a broken cooker. Living on a low income means it is barely possible to manage everyday costs, let alone one-off or unexpected expenses.

Local welfare provision, which replaced parts of the social fund, helps families buy new beds for growing children or set up home after fleeing domestic violence.

Our campaign

Just under 1000 people took action with us to save local welfare provision by submitting a response the government's consultation on this funding. In February the government announced that it would restore £74 million of the £170 million original funding for local welfare. 

This means councils won't have to try to find all the money for these schemes out of their own, increasingly stretched, budgets, which could have led to the closure of most, if not all, local schemes.

We shouldn't underestimate this victory. This follows over a year of campaigning during which the government remained adamant they would go ahead with this cut. Although the funding is still less than we'd have liked, for the cut to have been reversed at all is real cause for celebration. The government acknowledged in its statement that the decision was made in light of the large number of responses to its consultation on this cut.

If you took action, thank you for standing with struggling families. To hear more about our campaigns and how you can take part, sign up to our child poverty action network.