We campaign to make sure every child gets the fair start in life they deserve. To make sure they do, we need your help. Sign up to get involved.

For an overview of what we're calling for read our 2017 election manifesto.

Current campaigns

All Kids Count

A coalition campaign calling for the two-child limit to be lifted.

Make Universal Credit fit for families

Universal credit, the new benefit being rolled out across the UK, is about to become a huge missed opportunity. But there's still time to turn it from a poverty-producing into a poverty-fighting tool.

Child Poverty in London

We are engaged in a three-year project working across the voluntary sector and with politicians at local, regional, and national level, towards a London where no child experiences poverty.

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Britain Works

The changes in the labour market and social security systems affect both employers and, particularly low-paid, workers. Britain Works will seek to better understand the needs of both in order to develop collaborative solutions. 

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End Child PovertyEnd Child Poverty logo

CPAG hosts the End Child Poverty campaign consisting of 150 organisations working to eradicate child poverty in the UK.  End Child Poverty has successfully highlighted the unfair impact of the spending cuts and produced a UK child poverty map showing the extent of child poverty throughout the UK, including a ward-by-ward breakdown.

Past campaigns

Save tax credits

In July 2015 the government announced that they would cut tax credits. 4.6 million families receive tax credits - many of them will be pushed into poverty by these cuts. 

Election 2015

Few politicians were talking about getting real on child poverty in this election. Our supporters asked their parliamentary candidates to commit to our six steps to tackle child poverty. 

The battle to save local welfare provision

Local welfare provision is a lifeline to vulnerable people up and down the country. A thousand people joined us to tell the government not to cut this vital funding. 

Food banks and sanctions

Every year, thousands of people are forced to resort to food banks to feed themselves or their families after experiencing problems with the benefits system such as delays or sanctions. We want the government to repair holes in our safety net driving people to rely on charity just to put food on the table.

People Like Us

Life is unpredictable and we all need a bit of extra help sometimes. This campaign aims to tackle the inaccurate and misleading stereotypes around families who receive benefits. Watch our first-ever campaigning film, 'It Could Be You'.