Briefings and consultation responses

  • David Webster (Glasgow University) briefings on benefit sanctions

    October 2016

    Dr David Webster is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Urban Studies) at the University of Glasgow. His research on the labour market and social impacts of deindustrialisation includes work on incapacity benefit/employment support allowance claims, their relationship to other aspects of worklessness and to population health, and the changing pattern of lone parenthood.

  • Briefing on universal credit work allowance cuts

    May 2016

    This briefing describes how the cuts to UC work allowances reduce the gains from work, making it harder – not easier – for working parents to derive more of their income from earnings, in much the same way as the now abandoned tax credit cuts would have.

  • Benefit sanctions

    May 2016

    Since the election of the Coalition government in 2010, there has been an escalation of benefit sanctions, which have come to play a major role in extreme poverty. This has led to widespread criticism and a series of inquiries and reports, to which this page provides links. To add a report to this page, please contact Kelly Smith:

  • Inquiry into the future of Jobcentre Plus

    April 2016

    CPAG's response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry in the future of Jobcentre Plus focuses on the role of Jobcentres in supporting claimants into work. 

  • Life chances indicators - CPAG submission

    April 2016

    The government intends to replace the current statutory child poverty measures with new measures of ‘life chances’. Four statutory measures have been put forward: children in workless households, children in long-term workless households, and educational attainment at Key Stage 4 (GCSE) for all children and for disadvantaged children.

  • Response to the Social Security Advisory Committee consultation on decision making and mandatory reconsideration

    March 2016

    In our response, we highlight the lack of official statistics on the outcomes of mandatory reconsideration requests by claimants and present evidence of problems with the way the system is operated taken from CPAG in Scotland’s Early Warning System and our work in London food banks.

  • Submission on foundation years and life chances

    March 2016

    In this submission on foundation years and the government's life chances strategy, we identify key characteristics of an early years service which would deliver on improving the life chances of disadvantaged children, and consider where current provision succeeds and where new approaches may be needed.

  • Briefing for MPs: Benefit Sanctions Regime (Entitlement to Automatic Hardship Payments) Bill

    January 2016

    Read our briefing for MPs in advance of the Second Reading of the Benefit Sanctions Regime (Entitlement to Automatic Hardship Payments) Bill 2015-16. 

    We are urging MPs to support this Bill which will help to protect families from income crisis and destitution by:

    • Giving everyone who is sanctioned automatic access to a hardship payments
    • Ensuring that all hardship payments are non-repayable
  • Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into intergenerational fairness

    February 2016

    The post-crash period has been one in which children have been poorly protected, bearing the brunt of austerity measures, with the result that child poverty is increasing, and is set to do so into the future.

  • Submission to Liberal Democrat review of social security

    February 2016

    CPAG submitted a response to the Liberal Democrat parliamentar review of social security, following our oral evidence. The response covers: