Make Universal Credit Fit for Families

Make UC fit for families logoUniversal Credit, the new benefit being rolled out across the UK, is about to become a huge missed opportunity.

It’s not too late to turn it from a poverty-producing into a poverty-fighting tool. But it will take serious action from our government to help families.

The fact is, families are struggling. They need a Universal Credit that’s Fit for Families. And they need it urgently.

What parts of Universal Credit need to change?

The ‘tax’ on children – the government’s ‘two child limit’ which limits tax credit support to the first two children of every family, is estimated to push 200,000 more children into poverty by 2020, effectively amounting to a tax on children in large families.

This policy is both unfair and deeply illogical, since it assumes that before having a third or subsequent child, parents will be able to guarantee that they’ll always be able to fully afford the costs of their children. Who among us can guarantee that we’ll never lose a job, become sick, or go through a relationship breakdown? 

We successfully campaigned for increases to the work allowance in 2018. 

We have also campaigned on the long wait – initially people had to wait six weeks for their first payment of Universal Credit. In the November 2017 budget the Chancellor announced that the wait would now effectively be five weeks, and there will be more help with advance payments. We’re very grateful to everyone who has supported our campaign to bring down the six-week wait.  

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